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May 16, 2009

Review of Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker (whey drainer)

cheese drainer box englishItem Reviewed:

Donvier by Cuisipro, Yogurt Cheese Maker (fancy name for a yogurt drainer. You still have to make the yogurt and use an incubator.). For use with yogurt that does not have gelatin added as a thickener.

If you have been making your own yogurt and yogurt cheese you may be familiar with draining the whey from the yogurt to thicken it. The batch I am using for this post will be made into thick Tzatziki. Often people use linen sacks or fine cheese cloth to do this. I ran across this little device some time ago and finally decided to try it though I had some reservations. The linen bag works just fine, I just hate washing the thing and scraping the yogurt out. I tend to get covered in yogurt (but I am handicapped in the kitchen). I am also never sure if I get the bag clean enough, though so far it seems I do. I also cannot find a fine mesh strainer the right size around here to use, so I ordered this off of Amazon.com.


April 3, 2009

Adding yogurt starter without clumps

Here is a quick, easy way to add freeze-dried yogurt starter to your milk without clumping.

I was making a batch of yogurt this morning and was thinking about my post on making yogurt that I need to go back and polish. As I was adding starter, I realized maybe I should add this little detail as a separate post, instead of including it only in the main post, for people who already know how to make yogurt.


November 16, 2008

French Press Review-The Big Bodum

Just popping in. As of 2011, I really do like the Big Bodum. It is worth getting. If you are new to french presses, there will be a few things to get used to, but the flavor is much richer.

Old post below, maybe it will still be helpful. I hope to rewrite it within a reasonable time.


I have had a small french press for years and liked it very well. Due to this, I figured bigger would be better so I can easily share with my husband without having to make one mug at a time. I came across a sale and purchased a 12 cup (4 regular mugs) Bodum french press. My original was Bodum so I wanted to stick to the brand since I liked it very much.

  • Brand: Bodum
  • Model: Chambord
  • Size: 12 cup. 1.5L/51 oz.


September 14, 2008

Tzatziki!! Something To Do With Your Yogurt

Last update: May, 2009. Slight modification for a dip.

I have been making my own yogurt for awhile and now that I can make a good batch consistently, I need recipes on what to do with it. I am not great in the kitchen so I had to find something I could figure out. I love Tzatziki sauce in Greek food so I thought I would give this a try.


French Press Review

If you like coffee and would like to try a different way to fix it that brings out the flavor, consider a French Press. It is very easy to use and does not take much more time than drip coffee makers or maybe even the same amount of time, depending on how strong you like it. I find the coffee tastes a bit like coffee with a hint of espresso.

Here I review my own French press.


September 11, 2008

Mint Tea: Grow Your Own

Last update: Oct. 30, 2008. Pictures added.

Do you love mint tea or mint in your tea? You can grow and dry your own very easily. You can then have ready, good quality leaves for a nice hot cup or add some leaves to other tea that you are steeping for a hint of mint. This is also good for people who wish to be sure their tea is organic or pesticide free.


August 1, 2008

Yogurt, Yogurt Cheese, Greek Style and How

yogurt makingLast update: May 14, 2009. Another way to cool your milk quickly has been added. This post will also become better organized soon. Also, if anyone has recipes to share, leave a comment! 😀  I do respond to comments on my old posts by the way.

September 14, 2008. Notes added in the preparation and a link to Tzaziki sauce.

Yogurt is a healthy way to replace many fattening spreads, keep the good bacteria in your digestive tract, or just to have a healthy snack. This post will explain a method on how to make yogurt, yogurt cheese, and Greek-style yogurt. I have limited experience doing this and there may be better ways but here is how it has worked so far for me.


July 29, 2008


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So at this moment I am making yogurt and yogurt cheese. This is something I have done off and on before but I am going at it again. The pre-made yogurts have been getting smaller and smaller in their available sizes and yet the prices rise. Do they think we would not notice? So I thought I would give it another shot. Granted, my yogurt is not the same as the yogurt I am used to. One gets the taste for additives, gelatin, fake fruit, and so on.