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October 23, 2008

Eyes for Knitted Toys: Where?

If you have had problems finding eyes for your knitted toys, I have recently bought them from a site that I liked very much. So I thought I would throw out a recommendation for those about to go nuts finding these.

The site is called 6060 at 6060.etsy.com. She has a few sister sites under construction so be sure you are at the one with the eyes. Otherwise follow the links she provides.


August 4, 2008

Knitting Links

  • This post is dedicated to links related to knitting. I have not tried all of the patterns posted yet but I will mark them with an ” * ” if I did. I will blog about any I did as well.

Feel free to leave input if you try them. Keep checking back for more.

Link Categories so far are General Knitting Links, Knitting Instructions, and Free Patterns (including charity knitting), and Not Free, But Worth Mentioning, Holiday Knits, Vote!

Last Update: March 07, 2009. A free Alan Dart Easter pattern. Chick and eggs. Listed under Spring Holiday Knits.

November 13, 2008. Another charity doll pattern added in charity knits and mini Christmas stockings in Holiday knits.

Oct 31: Now in the works in free patterns….Holiday Knits! I hope to represent a multitude of holidays over time as I come across patterns. It might take awhile. Please do not think I am leaving anyone out.

October 31. Link to a basic doll pattern to knit.