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August 1, 2008

Yogurt, Yogurt Cheese, Greek Style and How

yogurt makingLast update: May 14, 2009. Another way to cool your milk quickly has been added. This post will also become better organized soon. Also, if anyone has recipes to share, leave a comment! 😀  I do respond to comments on my old posts by the way.

September 14, 2008. Notes added in the preparation and a link to Tzaziki sauce.

Yogurt is a healthy way to replace many fattening spreads, keep the good bacteria in your digestive tract, or just to have a healthy snack. This post will explain a method on how to make yogurt, yogurt cheese, and Greek-style yogurt. I have limited experience doing this and there may be better ways but here is how it has worked so far for me.


July 29, 2008


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So at this moment I am making yogurt and yogurt cheese. This is something I have done off and on before but I am going at it again. The pre-made yogurts have been getting smaller and smaller in their available sizes and yet the prices rise. Do they think we would not notice? So I thought I would give it another shot. Granted, my yogurt is not the same as the yogurt I am used to. One gets the taste for additives, gelatin, fake fruit, and so on.