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June 5, 2009

Upside-Down, Floating Goldfish Problems?

green-peas-2I just took care of this problem with one of my goldfish today and thought I would pop a quick note up about it. Some of you may have noticed your goldfish has trouble swimming downward on occasion and just pops right back to the surface like it is full of air. The worse cases end up floating belly-up. This is most often seen in fancy goldfish with compact, round bodies. Their organs are all tightly packed in that round body and sometimes air does get trapped in the intestines. This sounds funny that the fish cannot swim due to a fishy equivalent of a fart but it can kill the fish if it continues too long. Many times they work it out, but not always.



May 16, 2009

Review of Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker (whey drainer)

cheese drainer box englishItem Reviewed:

Donvier by Cuisipro, Yogurt Cheese Maker (fancy name for a yogurt drainer. You still have to make the yogurt and use an incubator.). For use with yogurt that does not have gelatin added as a thickener.

If you have been making your own yogurt and yogurt cheese you may be familiar with draining the whey from the yogurt to thicken it. The batch I am using for this post will be made into thick Tzatziki. Often people use linen sacks or fine cheese cloth to do this. I ran across this little device some time ago and finally decided to try it though I had some reservations. The linen bag works just fine, I just hate washing the thing and scraping the yogurt out. I tend to get covered in yogurt (but I am handicapped in the kitchen). I am also never sure if I get the bag clean enough, though so far it seems I do. I also cannot find a fine mesh strainer the right size around here to use, so I ordered this off of Amazon.com.


May 14, 2009

I still respond to comments on all posts, old and new.

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Star-NosedMole white backgroundHi there. If any of you still follow this blog you probably have noticed that I do not post as frequently. Multiple jobs have me hopping. I honestly hope I can add more (and update the old) often later down the road. But I am still here.

Needless to say projects and  hobbies are also getting stunted right now. 😦


May 7, 2009

Fix Firefox crashes when opening a PDF file


Vs. PDF files

(now Firefox 3.5.7)

Update: January 2010. I tried something new. I uninstalled adobe pdf reader completely and installed Foxit Reader. So far it works with Firefox without crashing. There was a slight freeze for about 2 seconds but then it worked. I would like to try it out with more pdf files through Firefox (and both Windows 7 and Vista) before I say this is definitely the way to go, but I thought I would throw out a heads up real quick. If you do not want to wait for me to experiment more or want to read about it, you can get this free at http://download.cnet.com/Foxit-Reader/3000-10743_4-10313206.html?tag=mncol

It is also a fast install without jumping through the hoops that Adobe does. It said it was installing a toolbar but I do not see evidence of one. Do be sure to uncheck the Ebay install by doing a custom install. The program works much like Adobe.

Update: May 20, 2009. Well it was working after I did what I put below. Now it is crashing again. Go ahead and try this but I will post what fixes it this time when I get around to messing with it again. You would think it would stick. Hmph.

Original post:

If you use Firefox on a PC (nothing against Mac, this is just what I use) and have been having problems opening PDF files, this might help. Mine would freeze up any time I opened a PDF link to view with Acrobat. (There is rumor that the latest version of Acrobat does not work with Firefox so I am using 8.0.)

Since the plug-ins offered to bypass this had terrible reviews, I went to the support section of Firefox on this topic (finally) to try and fix this. It took forever going through each troubleshoot. Seems like this is a common problem (yet Firefox is still worth it).  Here is the one that worked for me. One of the others on the list may work for you so do try the link above if this does not work. Just be sure you have a few minutes to kill.


April 3, 2009

Adding yogurt starter without clumps

Here is a quick, easy way to add freeze-dried yogurt starter to your milk without clumping.

I was making a batch of yogurt this morning and was thinking about my post on making yogurt that I need to go back and polish. As I was adding starter, I realized maybe I should add this little detail as a separate post, instead of including it only in the main post, for people who already know how to make yogurt.


March 28, 2009

Air Pump Hazards to Remember.

a532361Many of you with fish tanks have at least one air pump and bubble stone. Often they are on the floor because of noisy vibrations or other area a little away from the tank. I just wanted to throw a quick post reminding people who have tanks and alerting those about to start the hobby an easy way of killing your fish due to forgetting about the nature of many of your pumps.


March 8, 2009

Convert an old-style filter cartridge for the new Tetra model. Save money and customize!


(Finally a post!! Woohoo! Geez, long title huh?)filter-cage-new-filter

Some of you out there may be thinking of getting, or have bought, a the newer version of the Tetra, Whisper filter for your fish tank. The type that hangs over the back. The price of the filter cartridges that go with these new ones are expensive when compared to the old models that you can buy in bulk and assemble yourself. This might be putting you off. Or you have several old cartridges laying about you need to use up. Or you maybe your store does not carry the replacements (recently here). Well there is a solution! (Insert happy noises here!)


January 25, 2009

Behind temporarily, but not gone

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January 25:

I am a little behind on new posts but I am still around and checking in every few days for those who comment. I apologize to the few who are still waiting for a response. Several half finished posts are on the way to completion. It is hectic right now with jobs and such but it should smooth out soon. So if for some reason you follow this blog (Yay!) do not give up!

Thank you to everyone who stops by for a read.

Coming soon: Another knitted mouse (a maid this time), a few fish related articles, and one for making something different. All started, just need to finish! sigh….

Too many hobbies + work + random weird stuff = no time left to post!

– A

December 31, 2008

Adding Salt to a Freshwater Aquarium

(Last post of the year!  Happy New Year!!!! I hope 2009 brings health, happiness, and security (in manyfish-blue-alhi2 forms) to everyone.)

The other day I was researching how much salt to add to our main freshwater aquarium containing an adult Black Ghost Knife fish (1/2 teaspoon/gallon or a little less for an adult) and remembered a common mistake people new to the hobby tend to make. (Yay! Something to post!)

Common Mistakes (in no order):

  • Using the wrong salt
  • Adding salt to the tank the wrong way (directly to a filter or dumping in directly all at once)
  • Adding too much salt after a water change


December 25, 2008

Knitting:Dickensian Party Mouse, Another Cook and Ninja Kitty

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knit-mouse-2-sam-checking-moouseThis is the second Dickensian Party Mouse Cook, by Alan Dart that I have knit. For details on yarn, additional notes, or to compare mice, go to my post on the first one I knit. I made this one for a Christmas gift.

The pictures may get scrambled in this post. I am working on it. Frustrating. WordPress does not handle several pictures without a lot of text. Argh!

This mouse came out a little different than the original. I was better at my increases, an decreases so the quality of the work was better. You cannot really tell in the pictures. Her head came out bigger this time, not due to overstuffing. I like the narrower head of my first one better as you can better see the eyes. The eyes on this one needs some adjustment. I think they squint a little bit. I may not have time to do this since at the time I am writing this, it is about time to give gifts. Maybe I can do it after. With the bigger head, the hat did fit much better and I did not have to adjust it much.


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