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July 8, 2011

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Coming soon! (I hope)

  1.  Personal review of Drinkwell Pet Fountain. It is good, but……
  2. How to make your own pet fountain for less money, easier upkeep, and better hygiene.
  3.  An article dealing with cats that vomit any dry food given to them, even though they were fine with it for years. There is little out there about this but I have found I am not the only one that has had this happen. I might have fixed the problem by switching to wet (spoiler!) which is pretty much better for them anyway-but these guys hated wet.  I want to wait a little longer and see before I give details.


I am sorry I have hardly posted or updated much lately. I have also wanted to polish up some pages because I often write these in a hurry. I cringe when I go back to read some of these. Others I have needed to add tweaks to projects that I find work better or simply work on reviews where I have more info to share since the original post. I am working a few jobs and that has been taking up my blog  and hobby time. This site, though I am glad I can share some ideas free, gets bumped back in favor of earning my meager money. 😉


I hope all is well for you!



May 14, 2009

I still respond to comments on all posts, old and new.

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Star-NosedMole white backgroundHi there. If any of you still follow this blog you probably have noticed that I do not post as frequently. Multiple jobs have me hopping. I honestly hope I can add more (and update the old) often later down the road. But I am still here.

Needless to say projects and  hobbies are also getting stunted right now. 😦


January 25, 2009

Behind temporarily, but not gone

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January 25:

I am a little behind on new posts but I am still around and checking in every few days for those who comment. I apologize to the few who are still waiting for a response. Several half finished posts are on the way to completion. It is hectic right now with jobs and such but it should smooth out soon. So if for some reason you follow this blog (Yay!) do not give up!

Thank you to everyone who stops by for a read.

Coming soon: Another knitted mouse (a maid this time), a few fish related articles, and one for making something different. All started, just need to finish! sigh….

Too many hobbies + work + random weird stuff = no time left to post!

– A

December 14, 2008

Maple Story Online Game to Level 25, Warrior


A few months ago I came across Maple Story by Nexon, an online game that is so simple, yet addicting. It is a free, side scrolling (great for dial-up connections) game where you choose your character, statistics,and “job” and then go online with people world-wide to kill some mushroom butt.

Here I will give an overview of the game and updates as I go along. There are many posts available explaining in depth details about the game so I will just give you a view from my perspective as I go along.


August 15, 2008

Scary Baby Names? Add your input!

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Many people I know are popping out babies lately. It seems to go in waves. So part of the fun is finding out what they will name the victim…err child. Usually they are pretty standard. But sometimes you wonder.

I am not having kids but I was thinking of some things a person might want to consider when naming one-especially after a few real doozies I have heard of lately. I am not posting them here for their sake. Heck, they may read this and I will get an ear full! Ok, I am not posting them here for MY sake. But Star Wars comes to mind for one of them.

I have run across several blogs on names to pick. How about names to avoid?

Many of us has heard of the poor girl formerly known as Talula Does the Hula…..In Hawaii. http://www.slate.com/id/2196204/ This site also lists adults that try to change their name to the bizzar. Well at least these are adults. Unstable, but adults. Worth reading though. It is like a train wreck that you just cannot look away from. Know of more cases? Leave us the links! I will add more when I come across them. I have also heard of Sex Spawn for a name as well but I forget the site where I read it.

Try this site for inappropriate Saint names for kids:


It is actually funny. 🙂

This site itself needs rewritten. But I would still love input if you read further. Thanks!

Some things to consider when picking a name:


July 29, 2008

What I hope to do with this blog.

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Hi there. I am new to blogging in general. Everyone seems to think I need to blog and that I would actually have something people would want to read. Other than daily rambling about how my day went so I can keep up with friends (this at another site-I will not torture you with that one), I had no idea what I would want to write about frequently. Some of my friends pick a particular hobby they really like. My problem is that I like too many things. This means I jump from one thing to another without really finishing. My other problem is right now I cannot afford anything flashy so this blog may appeal to the more home-body crowd. So here I hope to (more…)