Random Bits of Projects

About in Brief- Now with Pictures!

Blurb about myself: I am currently living in North Florida. I have a wonderful husband, 2 cats, a parrotlet, 2 budgies, and many fish.

I have a wide range of interests but there is never enough time to do them.  I tend to bounce around on hobbies without finishing many right away. Unfortunately, my budget and lack of time limits what I can do at a given time.

This blog will focus on hobbies past and present, reviews of related items and shops, and useful (I hope) links. I always love comments so if you are not spamming, feel free to leave a message! Nothing I post is supported by money (unfortunately!) so my opinions are just mine.

I am not an expert on what I post so keep that in mind. I try to write in layman’s terms and not too formal. You will probably find better or easier ways to do some of these projects. I just post what has worked for me with what I had at the time. For the animals I try to post after I have read and learned what I could along with my experiences. Some of the posts need polished or updated. Maybe someday they will!

This blog is for my enjoyment and nobody pays me to do it. I love to share stuff I love and hope you find something in here that interests you as well.

Contact Info: If you need to contact me outside of posting a comment (no spam) I can be reached at virtuallyamy@gmail.com. All posts are viewed by me before they go public so you can still contact me that way as well. I try to keep up and respond within a week, even when behind posting. If you do not want your comment publicly seen, just let me know in the comment. I will then respond to the email given by the comment if you need me to do so.

Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, say hello, and so forth. 🙂  No spamming. I will delete anything I suspect is a ploy to get spam out.

Any negative feedback will also be posted if it is constructive and not rude. I prefer such comments are not anonymous as well. Thankfully, most of you have been wonderful. Thank you!

Note: Any opinions, political or otherwise that may be posted by blogroll friends are not always supported by my own views. If you visit and do not like something, please do not think I endorse it. What are friends for, if not to occasionally disagree (or agree!) with them?

Random pictures of my pets (kids) below: They may be jumbled. WordPress seems to have problems with too many pictures by themselves. ?  Working on it…I give up for now.


Bucky (Parrotlet)

Yeah I know coffee is not good but I let him have a little bit. I do not have much choice! He may be small but he can be as demanding as a big bird. ha



Aelfgifu (calico) and Samuel (tabby):





Pearl (white) and Amos (blue) (budgies):

bird-amos-and-pearl-on-gym-jul071 bird-sleeping-pearl-face-down-07

No, he is not sick. He tends to fall asleep face down. 🙂

Crayfish and Fish: Posted in the blog…  🙂 Will add to this spot later.


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