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November 24, 2009

Juggling: Wrapping the Handle when Making Green Clubs

If you enjoy juggling balls you might have had the urge to start juggling clubs but do not want to spend the money on a set until you have gotten the hang of it a bit. Or you do have a nice set but would like to have a set that can get beat up from practicing or lending out to people who wan to try it. There are inexpensive sets out there that are not comfortable on the hands but work fine. But if you have the time to construct  your own, you can get several sets for the price of even the inexpensive clubs. Also, you can customize them to look how you want. They work well and are not too terribly harsh on the hands. You can adjust the balance and how they look too.




These clubs are called Green Clubs by the person who came up with them because your can recycle old soda bottles and use items that may be around the house (tennis balls, dowel rods, electrical tape, duct tape, and a few others items). I did not come up with the Green Clubs. But I have made a set and they work pretty good. I think it is worth the time if you are on a budget.

Here I will follow his instructions and just provide pictures of the more difficult step, creating the handle.  Here is how I did it.

The instructions you need and the handle wrap template can be found here: http://www.juggle.org/howto/gcp.php This should open in a new window. If this link is broken or the items cannot be found, let me know. I have copies.

I am having trouble with the pictures not staying flush to the left side. So bear with me until I can do something else. Very annoying. I hope it is clear enough in the mean time.

Making the Handle

1. This is the beginning of making the club. The white paper is the template for the handle wrap you will cut from a 2 littler bottle. You should have downloaded this from the above link.

Here the bottle will be on the left end of the dowel.




2. I used masking tape to secure the bottle but I used a little duct tape to hold the beginning of the green plastic (from a 2 litter bottle). Duct tape held it very secure and it will be covered later but something better looking.You will already have secured the other end of the rod inside of the bottle and attached half of a tennis ball to the top as directed by the Green Club instructions.

The plastic around the dowel provides some cushion for your hand. Plain dowel smacking your hands when you catch these hurt more.




3. Here is the first wrap over. I took the green plastic you see above and just wrapped it over once. You can see the duct tape better here. Duct tape was used in place of the suggested nails.

Notice the green plastic is covering the end of the bottle below (above?) where the bottle nozzle flares out.





4. Continue wrapping in a spiral down the handle until it reaches the tip. Wrap tight. Secure with little bits of duct tape here and there if you hare having trouble holding it.





5. Here it is almost to the end. Just need the last bit. You will need to hold this tight to tape down.





6. Here I have it taped down with duct tape securing it. Again, the duct tape will be covered. The tip is ready for its cover.




7. Here the handle is finished with electrical tape. There are many bright colors you can get. This color was what I had on hand. Just spiral wrap the tape down the handle tight. The tip has not been added here. Decorate the bottle part how you like. Do not get too carried away though or it will be too top heavy.







8. Finish the club following the instructions provided by the link I gave you above.

Kitty approved!!

Now do at least 2 more. Whew!

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