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March 28, 2009

Air Pump Hazards to Remember.

a532361Many of you with fish tanks have at least one air pump and bubble stone. Often they are on the floor because of noisy vibrations or other area a little away from the tank. I just wanted to throw a quick post reminding people who have tanks and alerting those about to start the hobby an easy way of killing your fish due to forgetting about the nature of many of your pumps.

My crayfish came down sick a month ago and I could not figure out what suddenly went wrong. Everything was going wonderful until what seemed overnight he stopped eating and started to behave wrong. It took some time to figure out what had happened, or at least what I am sure had happened. Bug spray through the air pump. I am still kicking myself for something I knew better about doing around an object that had blended into the scenery. I had gotten used to the pump being in that spot and thought nothing of it.

I had a mite infestation of my meal worms due to a bad batch of food or some such. So I went a little crazy with the bug spray (those things really creep me out). I made sure to stay away from the tank but I have an annoyingly loud pump that I had put on the floor to keep it quiet and forgot about (I got lazy). Of course, I sprayed near the pump. Shock, my crayfish became very ill (he is fine now but it took a lot of TLC). The air pump pulls air in wherever it is located and then puts that air into your tank. So dust, cigarette smoke, hair spray, cooking fumes, air sprays, bug spray, and anything else you put into the air ends up in the tank if it comes in contact with the pump. Most pumps do not have any filter other than maybe a little bit of a felt plug over the intake that probably does not get replaced.

So I just wanted to put out a word of caution, do not forget about those pumps! They are so easy to forget that they are a potential source of introducing harmful things into your tank. Should you get rid of yours? Absolutely not. Just kind of keep it in the back of your head next time you freak out with bug spray in your hand. 🙂



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