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December 14, 2008

Maple Story Online Game to Level 25, Warrior


A few months ago I came across Maple Story by Nexon, an online game that is so simple, yet addicting. It is a free, side scrolling (great for dial-up connections) game where you choose your character, statistics,and “job” and then go online with people world-wide to kill some mushroom butt.

Here I will give an overview of the game and updates as I go along. There are many posts available explaining in depth details about the game so I will just give you a view from my perspective as I go along.

I have been wanting to play games such as World of Warcraft and the like but I do not have the time or the internet connection and computer power. I have the game, though it does little good for me right now. So I thought I would look at the simpler, free games online. This is where Maple Story came in. It is friendly to dial-up as long as you pick a section not too heavily populated, genuinely free (though you can purchase game cards for extra goodies that you do not have to have), and adorable. It really is cute. So I thought I would give it a try. I figured I would peek at it a bit and move on. I am still playing. Sigh.

It really is basic and I am not sure why I cannot stop playing. If you want a game that does not require you to memorize a multitude of buttons and button combination to function in the game, this is perfect.The graphics are 2-D and a side scroller that reminds me of the old Mario games (with better graphics). My husband and I can sometimes both get on at the same time and we team up. This is the biggest bonus to the game for me.

Downloading and Installing:

The game is large. I had to download it on a better connection and bring it to my computer for install. They have a icon_sorceresssmaller, beginner version that I tried first. After you finish that in a few days, you install the main game. You can probably start with the main game and bypass the first one to avoid the frustrations of installing this game again.

This game is glitchy on the computer. I do not get the impression it has bad programs riding on it but it seems to conflict with Windows XP and Vista a bit. You may have to adjust the firewall, set it the compatibility mode, and if you are installing the main game after the beginners game, go into the files and delete the game guard folder by hand. It took some tweaking and frustrations to get it going. The first computer I put it on did not give me as much problems as other computers or I might not have bothered. But I had started to play so I was determined/addicted enough after that. If you get error codes and whatnot, do searches on the net linking what the error code says to Maple Story in your search. I have found much help players have posted. I had hoped to add one particular one here but someone threw out my notes. Gah! (Oh sure, be tidy). But I have installed it on 5 out of 6 computers now (family members). There are still some problems on some of the computers but the game can usually be played. If you have very important things on your computer, you may want to use a different computer to be safe. Just my parinoia. So far nothing has blown up….much.

icon_archerYou have to get a name and password through the online site but this is free and not invasive. Do not bother to use this site to try to get help installing. The customer service is slow to respond and useless (generally give you a repeat of the FAQ page that barely has anything to do with your problem). The FAQ page is mostly vague and useless as well. In addition to the download and registration, the online site is where you also get news on events (such as double point days, maintenance down time, promos, etc.), their other games, enter game card codes, and other stuff I have not found much use for.

There are different versions of this game for different parts of the world, though I have run into a few from other countries so I think you can play those games as well (I am still figuring it out). For North America, they have Maple Story-Global.

There is variety added when events come up in the game for holidays or just because. They can involve double points days/hours, temporary additions to the world including creatures and quests, and so on. So it will change once in awhile to keep it fresh.

Beginning the Game:

Once the game is installed to where you can use it and after registration, you can start the game. The first time on, it will download files for Game Guard. Let it do so. It is kind of an anti-virus and it will not go without it. Sucks for dial-up. But after the first big download, it is quick each time.

Once on, you build your character. You choose a gender and a name. You then “roll” dice to get character statistics.icon_swordman You can keep rolling until you get the numbers you like in general. Points go to Dexterity, Strength, Health Regeneration, Magic Regeneration, and Luck. I think that is all of them. You get a vague description of the “Jobs” that you can later choose for your character to get an idea of what stats you might want. If you are unsure which way you want to go early on, you will be working hard later to meet the initial goals to get the first job level. This happened to me though I think in the long run I ended up with a few advantages. More on that later. The jobs include, Pirate, Warrior, Bowman, Thief, and Magician. Each of these are later broken down into more categories as you advance. I eventually chose the Warrior. This is because I tend to like to wade in and hit things. I am not patient enough to sit on the sides and shoot in these types of games. You only have to do the dice rolling the first time. Your character is ready after that. You can create up to three characters.

Once in, you do some simple tasks or quests given to you to start getting used to the controls and game. It is a nice looking game for its simplicity. Your outfits are very kiddy starting out but get more interesting as you go. There is also a sense of humor to it as well. Some of the weapons available reflect this. I am currently hitting things with a triton that has a colorful, dead fish on the end.  There is also an Asian flavor to the game as well. I believe it was initially Korean.


For Warrior, you need to get to a Strength of 30 and level 10. Each Job has different requirements. I of course, had the level, but not the strength. This is due to not being sure if I wanted Bowman, Warrior, or Theif so I spread out the points. Oops. I had to spend 2 more levels to get to be able to choose my job. Very frustrating since it takes forever to level up. Each level up gives you more points to allocate to different categories, such as Strength. And since there are not many good explanations on the site about all this, there is much experimenting with points in other sections that will later have you kicking yourself. I suggest reading blogs people have dedicated to this game first.

icon_thiefOnce to the right level/strength requirement, I had to go to the Warrior city, Perion and meet with the head guy. He gives you some goodies and 3 quests to complete. Then you get sword(wo)man status. Big whoop. This just means you go back and kill as many things as you can and not get killed until you hit level 30. If you get killed, you lose those valuable experience points you get for killing stuff. These allow you to level up.

Killing is kid friendly. At first you hate to hit the cute enemies, but they do not mind killing you. You get over it. There is not any blood and it is barely violent. You will be doing this a lot, over and over (and over and over…). This gets broken up with the occasional level where you can buy new weapons and armor. You also collect from your kills money, or mesos, to buy stuff with in the shops. You can also sell items dropped by the creatures as well, or collect them to make things or finish quests.

I have been at it a loooong time and I just hit level 25. Those last 5 levels had better be worth it. But I figure I will simply choose another category under the Warrior, finish a few quests, then go back to killing things like crazy, over and over until the next time I can raise my status. I do not know what the next goal is after level 30. I have not bothered to look or I may get depressed.

Why keep playing? I do not know! I am addicted. I complain constantly, yet there I am at it again.

I do get a glimpse of hope when I see some of the high level players pass by. They have some neat things going on. So I will hang on and see.

Also the game is loaded with kids. This is not a problem in general as most of them are friendly. But you get those that can ruin the game for you (but you will find that anywhere there are people of any age). One bit of etiquette is not stealing kills and items earned by other players. If someone is on a level working on those kills, move on. But you get those that think it is great fun to drive you crazy. Changing channel can help avoid some of them as well as get into less congested areas. But more often than not, I do not have any problems. And hey, adults are probably out there bugging the kids as well! ha.  The game is on Pacific time. Early or late (Central) gets you with more adults or teens.  Eventually, it will be necessary to party with others to work as a group on quests. You can also earn points faster this way.  I try to let them know up front if I am going to join a party or “hang out” with any of them for a quest to avoid being one of those creepy adults. If I am just joining in killing for one session, then I do not worry about it. Recently I had an instance in a group where one kid spent more time screaming at people not to take anything when the creature is killed than actually helping with the killing of said creature. Some of the large ones give out some good stuff. Some of us in the party could not do as much damage to it as this kid so he felt entitled to it all. I agreed he should have the lions share and generally did not care if I got anything but he still fretted and fretted. It really takes the fun out. Now I hesitate about  joining parties but I am getting over it. Many of the kids have saved my butt in the game since they are more used to this kind of thing. And honestly, I have had more fun than not. The complaint above was a venting out and a rare happening. I leave it here just as a heads up but not as an example of what is normal to the game. Its just a game.

If you are looking for a game for kids, this one really is pretty good. Rarely is there cursing or dirty talk. The game tries to limit this. Late at night can get a little bit but not too bad. The kids seem to get along in general and they can group up and meet others from all over. It can be social as well as a game. Kids with kids will be used to some of the bickering over things that happens sometimes.

Right now I finally have armor that matches and is helpful. I have a selection of weapons and I am leaning lately towards working more with spear weapons. Of course, these are in short supply. But I can hit with some range, rather than being toe-to-toe with the enemy. It also allows you to reach over from a ledge and hit enemies on another ledge without putting yourself in danger.

Omok Pieces:

You will notice among some of the items you can pick up are Omok game pieces and table. You need two different sets of Omok pieces (99 each) and a table to play the game. The game zone is in Henesys if I remember right. You can open a room (costs you mesos) for people to join you in a game. It is like Tic-Tac-Toe only with 5 across/diagonal instead of 3. There are some other rules as well but I have yet to play. If you do not want to side track on this and need to clear some space, go ahead and sell these. It is easy to get the pig and slime omok pieces so far. Rare ones are sought by other players and you may be able to sell the pieces to them.

I am still figuring out the Monster cards. Not too worried about it at the moment.

Game Cards:

You can buy Nexon Game cards to buy silly outfits for your character or useful items such as more slots to carry stuff,icon_warrior or hours where you can earn double points to level up faster. I have gotten one since I am on this more than I thought I would be. A treat. But your money does not go far in there. You can genuinely play without spending real money though. So far.

A few handy things to get at around level 15 is a lucky charm and extra slots (especially these). The little number by the charm you buy is how many uses it has. The charm protects you from losing experience points should you die. You can buy a single use charm or a multi-use charm. Unfortunately you cannot choose when to use it so you may just waste it if you die with little experience points to begin with on a level. If your luck is already up, you will increase the odds that you will not lose many points without having to buy the charm. My luck is higher than most warriors at this level and I have died without losing points. I went ahead and bought the charm just to be safe though. The extra slots allow you to carry more stuff. This is handy when you have several quests going on at once. You can also collect more stuff to sell for mesos.

I am still learning a lot of what the game is about so this post is only to give you my views as I go along, rather than really instruct. I will post again when I get past level 30 or to summarize in more detail areas of great confusion as I figure them out.

Weighted Earrings: There is a quest that needs you to get weighted earrings. You will be carrying around many things for this quest until you can find it all. Takes up slots. If you are having problems finding them and do not want to pay a crazy price for them in the Free Market, just keep killing wild boars. I was told they drop them a lot but it took days before they finally did. I am lucky that way maybe. Ha.

So far in summary:

Pros: basic controls, dial-up friendly, cute, kid-safe (mostly), mostly friendly people, mindless fun, free…

Cons: no help from the site, vague instructions and descriptions, glitchy game, difficult to install, useless FAQS, expensive extras if you buy things with actual money (but not needed generally), it takes forever to level up, poachers, no customer service worth mentioning, repetitive tasks, very bad lag during busy times…

Dec 18: Now I am level 27!  Woohoo!  Holiday stuff will prevent me from playing very much soon though. I have to be social or something. 😉

January: I have been nearing level 30 for some time before now but I have been staying off of the game so my husband can catch up. (smug mode). 😉  I think I will go with spearman for my second job though I worry I will not find faster weapons. I hope I can magic them faster or something. Holidays are over so maybe we will have more time soon to play.

icon_mushroomLinks: (Wikipedia has some useful stuff if you would like to search there too. I am mostly posting what I find the hard way. ha)

http://global.hidden-street.net/ This site seems to be one of the most popular for people.

(More soon.)



  1. nice commentary on the game 🙂 I’m a level 25 warrior myself, and have been playing most of my vacation away. I got into this because my younger sister recommended it. I can see how it would be easy to spend money on the game, but I like that it is free and easy going.

    Definately keep in mind there are tons of kids around in the game, as should be, but it is easy to forget sometimes when you find a jerk to remind yourself it is probably just a 12 year old with an attitude, and not to get worked up over him.

    Comment by Chris — January 7, 2009 @ 2:45 am | Reply

    • Hi there! The game is fun! I had the opposite, very little time to play over the break. Close to 30 so I hope to get back soon. 🙂
      I hope I did not come across to strong about “jerks” on the game. Overall I have no problems and I agree very likely a kid when it does happen. The day I posted I had a particularly bad session of playing and I might have come across wrong. I intend to edit that a bit. I really enjoy the game and I rarely have any problems. And to be honest, the kids can be fun. 🙂

      Comment by virtuallyamy — January 7, 2009 @ 11:48 am | Reply

  2. gg

    Comment by kingkong5 — February 16, 2009 @ 2:42 am | Reply

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