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October 29, 2008

Knitting Help: Where to go for that stitch you need.

Have you run across a stitch in a pattern you have yet to learn yet you just cannot seem to find good instructions on how to perform it?

I found a site that shows oodles of different stitches with video. And…gasp!…the videos are usually clear! I often would run across a video on how to do a stitch and yet due to the color of the yarn, hands in the way, speed of knitting, and so on, I would not be able to follow.

KnittingHelp.com has so far come through on several stitches that were either new or forgotten to me. I do not have friends who knit that I can ask so I have to find everything I do in a book or on the internet. If I cannot find a good set of directions in one of my books fast, I often improvise…until I come across a pattern that does not allow for improvisation. Or a pattern that I really, really care about looking exact. Much of what I knit is fairly forgiving. Until now. I am knitting an Alan Dart stuffed animal and I am desperately trying to get the critter to be as close to what I see in the picture. Just too cute not to try.

They even have tips on making needles, center-pull balls, fixing mistakes, knitting in the round, I-cords, joining yarn, and all kinds of goodies that I am still finding.

So go to the “View Videos” section of KnittingHelp.com and search for that elusive stitch. You do, unfortunately, need a decent internet connection.

Hope this helps! 😀


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