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October 19, 2008

Posting from Word to WordPress Fix

Michael at http://pileoflaundry.wordpress.com/ recenty was having issues posting old stories saved in Office word to WordPress by copying and pasting to the editor. WordPress itself, deep in its files, has said there could be problems with formatting if this is done. Boy were they right. The resulting paste was awful. I have had this problem with some of my posts as well, among them being my knitting links page. A mess.

But after a few days of frustration (see picture) he figured out a possible fix. Seasoned WordPress users probably know this, but this is for those who are just now running into this. I do not know if this fix works every time but it will be something for you to try at least.

Make sure the “Kitchen Sink” button is clicked in the editor so that there is a second line of choices for editing your post. The “Kitchen Sink” is at the far right on the first line. The second line of buttons should start with a formatting, drop down list underneath the “B” on the first line. This is what you need to use after you paste from Word into the editor. Highlight your posting then go down the formatting, drop down list and select “preformatting”. Hopefully this will now allow your post to look like the way you intended.

I do not know how well it works with intensive formatting and colors but I hope to try this when I redo my knitting links page. I will update here then.

Hope this helps!


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