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September 5, 2008

Knitting: Ravelry.com – Gotta Love It


I learned to knit about a year ago, maybe a little more. I had to teach myself since I did not know anyone near me who knits or cared to knit. Between the Internet and some handy books I managed to figure it out. And loved it! I was surprised. I should not have been because I love crafts but I never had an interest in learning. I even grew up around knitting and crocheting since my mom was always making blankets that way. It just hit me one day that I thought it would be really neat to do. No real reason. So I did.

I went crazy for awhile knitting scarves but that soon became tedious. I had no one to share my projects with (I could never fit my schedule with knitting groups) and no real good way to learn something other than scarves. Bleh. I stopped knitting for about 6 months.

Then someone pointed me to Ravelry

…A monster was created. I now have so many projects in queue that I doubt I will finish everything. I have a rapidly growing stash and a favorite local yarn store.

Ravelrygave me a knitting/crocheting community to share projects with, get wonderful patterns, share ideas, and so much more. There are even groups you can join that is related to knitting in some way but tend to be based on favorite topics as well. About anything you think of, you can join it. You can even knit favorite sci-fi characters from a favorite TV show. It is international so you are not limited by very much.

You get your own space to customize to a degree (I am geek, hear me roar). It starts with the usual profile stuff and links to any blog you may have going. From there you have a notebook listing your yarn stash and equipement (good for trading or organizing your things), patterns, books, favorites, a friends page (yes you can friend people), groups, and ongoing projects. Each of those categories can then be expanded from there. I have found all ages and interests on there. And yes, there are even some men! 😉

People are very nice and helpful. It is a wonderful community. You can be as social or unsocial as you wish. You can even just use the site to organize things and not participate in anything else. The people who designed the site are always improving it and have some very unique ideas that make the site fun without being annoying. I will let you discover some of those goodies.

There are also links for shopping opportunities as well. Also, some members are designers and have their own stores linked to the site that you may never run across otherwise in a nice time frame.

If nothing else, if you are sick of searching the web for patterns, then by all means join this site. You can type in a search term and get patterns! Many are free, some are not but reasonable (with reviews! ). Want to charity knit, you got it. Toys, dolls, clothing, unusual, it is there.

I have yet to find anything like this site. It is not based on any commercial company. A husband and wife team developed it from their own home and you can tell the wonderful difference. No bias for products, no spam in your email, and there is definite care given to how the site runs. The only drawback is that they have to manually add anybody wishing to join. This means you may have to wait 2-4 days or so to finally log on for the first time. Worth the wait. Just put in the email you will want to use and go about your routine. The place to sign up is on the right hand side below the log in section. Click the add me to the list and a little box will open for you to enter the email you will use for it. If the box does not open, click it again. It might be finicky. There is now a place you can click to check the progress of the waiting list as well. Eventually you really will get that email letting you join. And free!

My ID right now is VirtuallyAmy. Please feel free to drop me a message from there letting me know you found the site from this post. I love knowing a blog of mine was useful. And if you wish, feel free to friend me as well! (you can send messages without being on each other’s friends list) I swear I am not one of those that will then try to become your best buddy. I am safe. I swear! 🙂

If you came here searching for some pattern links and do not want to bother with Ravelry.com, then please visit my knitting links blog and check out my knitting category listed on the right of the page for projects I post. Both of these are always getting new stuff as time allows. Thanks!



  1. Thanks to you

    Comment by NewssyLee — September 5, 2008 @ 7:40 pm | Reply

  2. Isn’t Ravelry awesome…can’t imagine my knitting life without it 🙂

    Comment by Denise — September 23, 2008 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

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