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August 24, 2008

Coffee Cozy-It’s Adjustable! (knitting)

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If you are looking for a cozy to knit that can fit through the handle of a coffee mug, this one is great. It is adjustable for as many sizes as you have buttons and it can fit other beverage containers. It is a quick, easy knit for those filler projects or quick gifts.

There are two patterns at the site. One has detail and the other is plain yet still has some neat edge detail. Either can easily be changed around to your tastes. It is fun to decorate with buttons-or not. I chose to knit the plain to do a quick knit since I did not have time for a larger project. I also wanted to play with decorating with buttons. I had a completely different idea in mind when I first started but I came across these cute cat buttons I had to add. They were not the best for actual use but I thought they added fun to the cozy as decorations.

This was also my first button hole I knitted (yay!) and I also learned a new increase. Such a proud moment. Well for me. heh. I found the directions confusing for the button hole but that was probably my inexperience.

Go to  http://www.danido.com/patterns/coffee-mug-wrap/ for the free pattern.

I plan to knit a larger version of this for my french press. I am getting a large french press soon so coffee will sit in it for a little while before finishing. I hope this will help a little on keeping it warm. I am going to knit it so it wraps around twice. It will probably be after the holidays before I can get to it. It assumes I finally get this press unbroken after shipping. :p

Please go to my knitting links blog for more patterns. Like all of my links posts, I am always updating.

Below my parrotlet, Bucky, is making sure I attached the buttons well.



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