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August 4, 2008

Comics Links

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This post is dedicated to comics that I like to read online and is sister to the Comics Links Page listed on the right of the blog. I will be adding to it over time. If you are bored, feel free to go nuts. Keep checking back for new ones. Feel free to leave comments on ones you like or wish to suggest. I am always watching for more.

May, 2009: This site is woefully out of date. I plan to take out links to comics that no longer update or have not been doing well. I also want to add more links. But do check these links out.

No particular order.

Comics!! (often adding)


Great comic. Steam Punk. Adventure, Romance, Mad Science! I love this comic. Starts in black and white but the comic gets color and the style improves with time.

Buck Gudot http://www.airshipentertainment.com/buckcomic.php

BuckGudot is by the same people who did Girl Genius. Earlier work from the 80s that is being updated and refined. I need to find an icon for this one.

Rice Boy http://riceboy.jho-tan.com/see/index.html

Rice boy is odd but for some reason, you must keep reading. This one is complete and all of it is posted.


Crimson dark is a promising Sci-fi comic.


3~ http://vampirates.comicgenesis.com/archives.html

Vampirates does not update on time but it is a fun read. Gay, Canadian, Vampire Pirates. What is not to like?


Metanoia may bother some people who are sensitive to gay topics, other religioius views, and violence. If you are sensitive, do not bother. It has not updated in some time but they keep promising.


Manga fun.


Uses photos as the visuals.


A hoot.


Machall is by the same people who wrote 3-panel soul. This is some of their earlier stuff. A lot of dorm/college days stuff. Explores many styles of comic art while doing it.


Goth, angst-type stuff.


Very cute.





This one is complete and all of it is posted.


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