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July 29, 2008

What I hope to do with this blog.

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Hi there. I am new to blogging in general. Everyone seems to think I need to blog and that I would actually have something people would want to read. Other than daily rambling about how my day went so I can keep up with friends (this at another site-I will not torture you with that one), I had no idea what I would want to write about frequently. Some of my friends pick a particular hobby they really like. My problem is that I like too many things. This means I jump from one thing to another without really finishing. My other problem is right now I cannot afford anything flashy so this blog may appeal to the more home-body crowd. So here I hope to visit current projects that last for more than a day unless there is something odd attached, like things blowing up. Maybe a few old hobbies will get revisited.

 I am starting a new job soon so there maybe a gap in posting for awhile when that happens. I hate starting new jobs so I will be too annoyed with things to work on hobbies much.
We shall see how frequently I do this. Maybe my friends will be horrified enough to stop pressuring me to subject people to my blogs.

Currently I have been obsessed, for no reason I can think of, with knitting. I will likely update on projects with that and ooodles of links. I also like to keep fish so that may come up soon, though I just went through some major tank changes and things are a mess. My pets I do not consider a hobby but more as my family but they may squeak in on slow days. OK, my fish are pets too but they still kind of cross over into the hobby thing as far as aquarium keeping.
I might even throw in an observation or an opinion once in awhile…GASP!
Generally I let my husband do that. He has oodles of blog time spent on that kind of thing. That will get linked soon. I feel lazy this morning so I am not adding links and all that yet.
I love to add things to look at so I may go widget and picture happy at some point. Yay!
On to my first hobby blog! Yay.


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